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Getting Started

  1. Download Note Pad++
  2. Open a new File and Save as an "Html" file

And now you are ready to start coding

File Structure and Saving

Save your HTML and CSS files as HTML and CSS. If you save it as .txt it will not render. This should be done first. File Structure is one of the most important parts of coding. Organizing your files saves you lots of time and makes things work. Start with a folder labled your project name. Your HTML files should be stored here. Then add a "Styles" folder for CSS pages. Make another folder Labled "Images" which contains all your pictures. Using this structure things won't get lost and you can easily find things.

Color Scheme

Choosing a good color scheme can make or break your website. Using colors that are complementary and/or go well together make it easy on the eyes and easier to follow. No one can stand looking at a mess of colors. Picking a color scheme that goes with a logo is also a good idea. It can make the tie to the compnay much stronger. Listed below are some helpful tools


Images are very easy to add to your webpage but you have to make sure they are free to use. Using a copywritted image is illegal especial if you are making money off of it. Look to making your own pictures or use free clipart. The "Snipping tool" desktop app will be your best friend. Download that and use it to get your (hopefully free) images to the right shape. Make sure to save them your "Images" folder.

Helpful Tools

This website wil teach the basics but to get more tags or better examples on how it works go to: The Internet. Search it up and use examples to try to understand how it works or how you can manipulate it. Use W3Schools as your main source of help. You can Validate your site at W3C Markup Validation Service. To get your website to actually be online go to Neocities or any other service that does the same. You might have to pay for it.