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HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. HTML 5 is the type of HTML that we use. Here is a List of tags used. There are many more but these are the basics and the ones I mostly use. Start Each page with < DOCTYPE! html >. From there use you tags to amke any site you want. Make sure each tag is placed with in < and > signs. This is the start of a tag. You must close the tag with < / "tag name" >. This closes the tag and ends its rendering. With out that the site will have many bugs and can screw up what you are doing.

Name of Tag

How, when and why to use it

Picture of Code

Picture of render (some don't render)

HTML tag

The Html tag is the first and last tag you use on a Webpage. It tells the computer when to start reading the code and rendering it in a web browser.

Img tag

The "Img" or image tag is use to put pictures on the screen. Have the photo saved and call it. You can size within the tag by using Width="#px" and Height="#px"

Paragraph tag

The "p" or paragraph tag is use to put text on your page. It can be styled seperatley with CSS and using classes. The text is default black and does NOT render "Enters" in the code. In other words the "p" tag won't start the next line until the one above is full.

Head tag

The "Head" tag does not render anything on the page. It is a tag that tells the page to read or call the tags specified in it first. Use it to call CSS pages. Like all pages there is a "Head", "Body" and "Footer". The Head is read first.

Title tag

The Title tag is used to change the name of the website on the tabs of the browser. If not changed it will just be a line of useless numbers or the URL. Use this to give your website more depth and make it more clear.

Div tag

The Divider or "Div" tag is a empty block. The purpose of this is to divide your webpage so that you individually style each section. Use it to move thing around the page or simply use it to organize your code.

Body tag

The Body tag which comes after the head tag conatains all other tags. It is the main section of your webpage and msut be added. The footer is after but i usually dont use a footer.

Heading tags

The Header tags are basically just diferent sized text. They are on a range of h3 to H6. h3 is the biggest and is used for section headings or title of the page. The others can be used for sub-headings. Note: H6 is smaller tthan the defualt text.


Lists are made up of three tags. Unordered list or "ul" and ordered list or "ol". Use those to start your list. between the start and end tag add "li" tags to add data. List are useful and can be manipulated using CSS.

Page Breaks

The "Hr" tag makes a page break with a Horizontal line(Note:"<br />" is just a page break. No line is drawn). The "Hr" tag is a self closing tag or it can look like this: <hr />. Use it to make clear sections.


Tables are the hardest to master. They have for tags:"table" "tr" "th" and "td". "Table" tag starts and ends the table and it must be included. "tr" or table row adds a row to the table and should be used withing the "table" tags."th" and "td" are used to imput data into the row. these go between the "tr" tags and make columns. "th" is table heading and has a bolder font while "td" is table data and is default text.

Span tag

The Span tag is the most usefull tag when working with CSS. Like div it is an empty tag. You can call classes to the span to individually style anything. You can style on character to a whole page. It is the most usefull tag out there.